How We Got Started

Let’s Go Practice was first conceived by Tiffany.  Tiffany is a busy working mom who was not a musician herself but loved what the Suzuki Method gave her daughters.  She began videotaping her lessons with Alyssa early on and used them regularly.  However, she found it difficult to refer back to certain videos and organizing them felt cumbersome.

Alyssa had long envisioned a practice site for her students that would have practice videos and many more benefits.  Both Heather and Alyssa have students that could use more help with home practice, and both teachers have been using videotapes in lessons for years.

Tiffany approached Heather and Alyssa, and a true collaboration of ideas (and work!) began.  We are so excited to offer this site to you and hope that it makes your family say, “Let’s Go Practice!”