About Us

Let’s Go Practice’s aim is to be a fun and lively practice tool making home practice easier and more fun! We provide you with the resources that allow you to focus on your child’s development and to create the environment where all children can succeed with ease!

Videos: We have found that students find practicing more enjoyable and easier when they have videos of the pieces. Let’s Go Practice provides play along videos and practice spots to the Suzuki repertoire. With our practice videos, you will not have to spend valuable lesson time recording songs (at tempo, below tempo, etc.) and you can allow your teacher to focus the lesson time on teaching.

  1. Suzuki repertoire: Videos provided are of the Suzuki Book pieces at a slower pace and at tempo. You can listen, you can play along or you can sing along with us. Our own students (and children) have had tremendous success using these videos, and we hope your family will too!
  2. “Practice Spot”  videos focus on showing you and your child how to practice some common trouble spots, through repetition and small steps.
  3. The “Practice Tools” collection of videos is designed to help teach the art of practicing for both parents and older students.

Your teacher always knows best and this site does NOT take the place of a teacher. In fact, we do not teach anything at all, except the art of practicing. We provide recordings at slower speeds to help you and your child practice their pieces.  The videos are also intended to help make review more fun, as it’s always more enjoyable to make music with people rather than by your self.  If your private teacher has not introduced you to a piece or technique found on this site, you should NOT practice it at home. Practicing anything before your teacher shows you may introduce bad habits that are hard to fix.

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