About Suzuki

Are you curious about the Suzuki Method?

The Suzuki Method utilizes the teaching philosophies of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki , who believed that all children could learn music the same way they learned to speak their native language- by ear. Suzuki teachers believe that all children have the ability to produce beautiful music and become beautiful people. Music education is good for the brain, heart and soul and teaches countless skills to students which are transferable to all facets of life. When children realize that hard work produces amazing results, they transfer that work ethic and love of learning to other areas.

Read more about the Suzuki approach from the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

What is the parent’s role in Suzuki education?

Suzuki teachers know that if a child feels successful at making music, they will want to continue and work harder. In order to do that, a parent needs to be involved, attend lessons and help practice at home. Let’s Go Practice is a tool to help parents practicing with their children as well as help children who are learning how to be independent practicers.  We hope Let’s Go Practice becomes another tool in your practicing tool belt!

Would you like help finding a Suzuki teacher near you?

Search the teacher locator service from the Suzuki Association of the Americas.

How is Let’s Go Practice helping the Suzuki Association?

We are donating a portion of each membership to the Suzuki Association of the Americas in order to help them further Dr. Suzuki’s dream.

Click this link if you would like to donate a tax deductible contribution to the Suzuki Association of the Americas.